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Leadership Development

“Leaders do not need to know all the answers. They do need to ask the right questions.” This quote taken from Donald Heifetz and Donald Laurie’s “The Work of Leadership”, highlights the challenge UCSF faces as it assists students in their academic and social development.

Some of the most important public policy issues will demand leadership from a new generation of health care professionals. Groups such as the American Medical Association and California Nursing Association are just two examples of health care leaders working in leadership capacities to address public policy concerns. The Initiative will also learn from the wisdom of leaders in allied fields (non-profit, government, & community) who may broaden the leadership tools available to our students.

Question: How should UCSF engage leaders to facilitate the development of leadership skills for its students?

Photo: (L to R, back row) UCSF students Thomas Yi, Tania Pacheco, Bunly Pel, Renatta Knox, Mats Christiansen, Abi Situ and Asia Williams pose with a peer.